Get the most out of marketing your skills by reaching out to the top video shopping companies in the country!

There are 2 separate registrations on this website. The Login takes you to the shopper database to update and complete your registration so VSN company members can find you. The Forum takes you to the forums for networking.

Road Trip? This is definitely your one stop location! Traveling video shoppers have earned the title of Road Warrior. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it! VSN offers a Forum dedicated especially to Road Warriors to post areas you are traveling to. All VSN company members are subscribed to the Forum, so they are immediately notified of every post. This is a special group on the Forum for experienced video shoppers and you must request to join it.

Use the Forum to network with other video shoppers and VSN company members. You will find an area companies are posting available jobs, where to purchase equipment, get training and much more!

VSN also offers a shopper database with features such as photo and video upload. Present a video demo to the shopping companies displaying your great camera angles with approved hidden video equipment! VSN company members use various search features in the shopper database to locate shoppers in certain areas that own equipment, have experience shopping a particular industry, match a buyer profile requested by their client, or new shoppers looking to get started in video shopping.

So make sure you register in the shopper database so VSN company members can find you. Just follow this link Become a Video Shopper or select the Login tab from the home page.

No experience in video shopping? Welcome! VSN company members are recruiting new shoppers for recurring projects. After registering in the shopper database check out the Forum for information on how to get started in video shopping.

We hope you enjoy networking at VSN!

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