Get the most out of marketing your skills by reaching out to the top video shopping companies in the country!


VSN company members use various search features in the shopper database to locate shoppers in certain areas that own equipment, have experience shopping a particular industry, match a buyer profile requested by their client, or new shoppers looking to get started in video shopping. Upload a photo so we can get to know you better and present a video demo to the VSN company members displaying your great camera angles!

Make sure to register in the shopper database so VSN company members can find you. Just follow this link Become a Video Shopper or select the Login tab.

We highly recommend registering with each VSN company member separately as well so you receive job postings and other notifications specific to the mystery shopping company. Click here for the Member page.

Social Networking

The IMSC developed several Groups on Facebook to help mystery shoppers reach their target market. It’s a great way to connect with other video shoppers and the schedulers looking to fill jobs.

For general networking request to join the IMSC Undercover Video Shopping Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/undercovervideoshopping/

Route shoppers should also join the IMSC Route Shopping Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/imscrouteshopping/

Resources for Video Shopping Certifications

IMSC offers an online course for Video Training at http://www.imscinfo.com/imsc-training-and-tests/imsc-video-training-and-test

The IMSC also offers live video training at each shopper education conference. To learn more about the conferences go to http://www.imscinfo.com/events

Video Shopping Pros offers full day Certification classes throughout the country and at their video shopper education conferences. To learn more about their schedule go to http://www.videoshoppingpros.com/workshop.php


GreyHawk Video Solutions is an official supplier for the video shopping industry.


Sure Shot Shirt Alterations provides professional alterations to accommodate button cameras.


VSN Forum Archive

VSN no longer has an active forum but shoppers registered prior to March 2016 are able to access the archived forum for useful tips. We recommend the IMSC Groups on Facebook for networking.


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